We know your time is valuable and worth a luxurious experience... 
at Gentry Aviation, thats exactly what you will get.

At Gentry Aviation, we deliver luxurious comfort and convenience at a competitive price with out compromising quality.  When choosing Gentry Aviation, clients are allowed the freedom to travel without having to commute via ground transportation.  Our innovative approach cuts the expense of fractional and full ownership compared to other private charter operators.  We are fostering a new way to travel with Gentry Aviation.

Picture yourself arriving at your departure location, approaching a modern jet.  Experienced pilots are waiting to take you to your destination of choice, within an hours flight time. Imagine the convenience of arriving for your flight just minutes before it departs, avoiding terminals and security checkpoints.  At Gentry Aviation, you may have the whole aircraft to yourself, or share it with some of your closest family, friends or co-workers.

How it works?

The luxury of a monthly membership allows you to fly on demand, as desired. The monthly membership covers a fixed amount of flight hours. Different levels of membership allow you to purchase the amount of flight time that fits your travel needs.  We have created a culture where safety and our club members are our priority, and what you experience on a Gentry Aviation flight, will showcase that fact!.

Not a member?

No problem.  Keep an eye out for our flights weekly flight deals that best accommodate your travel schedule.  Although, you will be missing out on our membership pricing.


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