On April 13th, 2019 the world BIGGEST aircraft took flight. Known as Stratolauch, it was designed to carry 250 ton rockets at cruise altitude up to 35,000 feet where they would later be jettison from the Stratolauch aircraft and ignited to delivery it’s payloads to space.

The Stratolauch has a record breaking 385 feet wingspan. Making it the largest airplane to date in terms of it’s wingspan. It’s flight on April 13th was its first test flight. It was reported it hit speeds up to 164 knots and 17,000 feet during it’s maiden 150 minute test flight. This is the first of many test flights where the it will be put to through the test in order to meet its specifications.

Six Pratt & Whitney engines originally used for Boeing 747’s were mounted under the immense wing of the Stratolauch. Also, 28 wheels from the Boeing 747 were used as the gear system on the aircraft.

How much does an airplane like this weigh on max gross take off you may ask?

How about 1,300,000 pounds!

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